Java is one of the most popular programming languages around, but no one seems to enjoy using it. Well, Java is actually an alright programming language, and since Java 8 came out recently, I decided to compile a list of libraries, practices, and tools to make using Java better. "Better" is subjective, so I would recommend taking the parts that speak to you and use them, rather than trying to use all of them at once. Feel free to submit pull requests suggesting additions.

Java是世上最流行的编程语言之一,可是看起来没人喜欢它。但其实Java是一门很合心意的编程语言,最近随着Java 8的发布,我决定祭出一份实用库、最佳实践和工具列表,让Java用起来更爽。当然「更爽」只是我的主观感觉,所以我将会把自己所说的这部分推荐给你,而不是一次就让你用上了全部。随时提交pull requests以及建议性的补充。


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